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Gung Ho!

October 4, 2009

Gung Ho!, by Ken Blanchard is a fable-based Team Leadership principles, which I frequent regularly. It is based on life characteristics displayed by Squirrel, Beaver and Goose. I have applied them while leading teams and found them exceptionally useful.

1. Spirit of the Squirrel – Worthwhile Work

Teams which understand the importance of their work in the larger scheme of things – how they value add to goals, individual commitment towards the same, etc. perform much better.

2. The Way of the Beaver – In Control of achieving the Goal

The role of the leader is to establish goals, values and the rules of the game. Once this is done, he gets off and lets the team take control. It is demeaning to expect far less than what people can achieve.

3. The Gift of the Goose – Cheering Others On

Geese are known for their V-formation, where individuals take turn to be at the front. Here, Blanchard mentions of them egging each other towards the goal – Celebrations for wins is a powerful mechanism.