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India’s 25 Most Promising Internet Companies | Smart Techie

March 26, 2010

SmartTechie believe that each company in its annual list had all those, which is needed to climb ladder of success as their products and plans are indeed progressive, and the technologies are groundbreaking.


3G Bidders

March 20, 2010

Economic Times, 10-Apr-2010

ET reports that a recent TRAI report  mentions of 150M users with data plans in India(!). I haven’t read the report. Will rock for the 3G bidders, if true.

Operator Subs. with Data Plans
Bharti 66.99M
BSNL 35.08
Vodafone 27.75
Idea 10.54
Aircel 2.19
Loop 2.18
Tata 1.23
MTNL 1.1
Spice 1.06
RCL 0.89
Sistema 0.01

Economic Times, 20-Mar-2010

Uninor MD Stein-Erik vellan told ET that he does not see a business case for participating in 3G. Uninor would like to see clarity emerge on the allotment of 2G spectrum before taking a 3G plunge. Frist launched in Japan in May 2001, 3G services are available in 90 countries.

Maharanyam Brahmotsavam 2008!

March 17, 2010

Some important Slokas…

March 17, 2010

On Guru (from Guru Gita)
Brahmanandam parama sukhadam kevalam jnanamurtim
dvandvaateetam gagana sadrusam tatvamasyadi lakshyam
ekam nityam vimala machalam sarvadheesaakshibuutam
bhaavaateetam triguna rahitam sadgurum tam namaami.

Dhyãna moolam Guror Murtih
Puja moolam Guroh Padam
Mantra moolam Gurorvãkyam
Muktimoolam Guroh Kripa

Prahlada on 9 types of Bhakti…
Sravanam Kirtanam Vishnu Smaranam Pada Sevanam
Arcanam vandanam Dasyam Sakhyam Atma Nivedanam

Sravanam – Listening; Kirtanam – Singing; Vishnu Smaranam – remembering; Pada Sevanam – helping; Arcanam – idol workship; vandanam – prayer; Dasyam – deliver service; Sakhyam – friendship; Atma Nivedanam – Surrender;

Krishna’s Birth in Srimad Bhagavatham
Tam adbutam bãlakam ambujekshanam chaturbujham sankha gadãrudãyudam srivatsa lakshmam galashobhi kaustubham piitãmbaram sãndra payodha saubhagam

The wonderful child is lotus-eyed, four-armed holding the Shanka, Chakra and Gada in its arms, the ‘Srivatsa’ adorning the chest and Kausthuba jewel shining on its neck. (10:3:9)

vãnigunãnukathane sravanau kathãyãm hastau cha karmasu mana: tava pãdayor na: smrityãm siras tava nivãsa jagat pranãme drishti: satãm darsanestu bhavat tanunãm

May our words ever expound your pastimes, may our ears ever engage in listening to your glories, may our arms and feet be engaged in your service; may our minds ever be fixed on your Holy Feet, may our heads bow down to the whole world which is your manifestation and may our eyes ever behold the Sadhus who are not different from you. …Srimad Bhagavatam: 10:10:38