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50 most Influential people in IT and Technology, 2009 |

April 25, 2010

1. Steve Jobs, Apple CEO
2. Evan Williams, Twitter CEO and co-founder
3. Jimmy Wales, Wiki Media founder and co-founder of Wikipedia
4. Eric Schmidt, Google CEO
5. Rupert Murdoch, News Corp CEO
6. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder
7. Barack Obama, US President
8. Tim Berners-Lee, Father of the world wide web
9. Nandan Nilekani, Head of the Unique Identification Authority of India and co-founder of Infosys
10. Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO
11. Niklas Zennström, Co-founder of Skype, Joost, Joltid, Kazaa
12. Christian Engström, Deputy chairman of the Swedish Pirate Party
13. Lord Stephen Carter, Former Communications, Technology and Broadcasting Minister
14. Dave Girouard, President, Google Enterprise
15. Vivek Kundra, US federal CIO
16. John Suffolk, Government CIO
17. Matt Mullenweg, Founder of Automattic
18. Nicholas Negroponte, Founder of One Laptop Per Child
19. John Chambers, CEO of Cisco
20. Linus Torvalds, Father of Linux
21. Shai Agassi, Better Place founder
22. Daniel Ek, Co-founder, Spotify
23. Ashley Highfield, Managing director and VP of consumer and online, Microsoft UK
24. Erik Huggers, Director of BBC Future Media and Technology division
25. Craig Venter, Father of genomics
26. Elon Musk, Serial tech entrepreneur
27. Karen Price, CEO of e-skills UK
28. Dr Robert Atkinson, President of Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
29. Stephen Wolfram, Creator of the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine
30. Martha Lane Fox, Champion for Digital Inclusion in the UK government
31. Padmasree Warrior, Cisco CTO
32. George Osborne, Shadow chancellor
33. Chris Anderson, Wired editor, author of ‘The Long Tail’
34. Marc Benioff, CEO,
35. Stephen Fry, Geek, blogger and performer
36. Deron Beal, Freecycle founder
37. Mike Lynch, Founder and CEO of Autonomy
38. Tom Steinberg, Founder of
39. Marten Mickos, Former CEO, MySQL
40. James Cameron, Hollywood director
41. Jim Whitehurst, CEO, Red Hat
42. Gary McKinnon, Accused Nasa hacker
43. Richard Stallman, Open software guru
44. Warren East, ARM CEO
45. Michael Dell, Dell CEO
46. Vineet Nayar, HCL Technologies CEO
47. Ray Kurzweil, Inventor and futurist, Singularity University chancellor
48. Michael A Cusumano, Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management
49. Chris Hyman, CEO of Serco Group
50. Duncan Watts, Principal research scientist at Yahoo! Research


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April 10, 2010

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April 10, 2010

Building Org. Capabilities

April 8, 2010

McKinsey suvey on ‘Building Organization capabilities’ released in March, 2010. Key insights in surveying about 1,440 people are:

  • Why companies focus on building capabilites – 1. it is a fundamental part of their culture and 2. customer demands
  • 20% in India and 16% say it is a top priority for their companies
  • Chinese respondents say their companies are much better than their competitors in Manufacturing but poorer in Project management
  • On-the Job Training is an exclusive method of training for 60%
  • Key obstacles in achieving Org. Capabilities – 1. Org. resistance to change 2. Lack of resources and 3. Clear objectives.