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Caloric values of common food items

December 27, 2011



10 Major shifts in the marketing mindset

December 18, 2011

Philip Kotler…

  1. FROM marketers thinking about customers to everyone in the company thinking about customers.
  2. FROM selling to everyone to trying to be the best at serving well-defined target markets.
  3. FROM organising by products to organising by customer segments.
  4. FROM emphasising tangible assets to emphasising intangible marketing assets such as brands, customer equity, channel loyalty and intellectual property.
  5. FROM building brands through advertising to building brands through integrated marketing communications and performance that satisfies.
  6. FROM making everything inside the company to buying more goods and services from outside.
  7. FROM making profit on every sale to building long-term customer value.
  8. FROM aiming for more market share to aiming for more share of each customer’s wallet.
  9. FROM beinglent economy local to being ‘glocal’ — both global and local.
  10. FROM focusing on shareholder benefit to focusing on stakeholder benefit.

Innovation mistakes a Company can make in a Turbulent economy

  • Fire talent
  • Cut back on technology
  • Reduce risk
  • Stop product development
  • Allow boards to replace growth-oriented CEOs with cost-cutting CEOs
  • Retreat from globalization
  • Allow CEOs to replace innovation as a key strategy
  • Change performance metrics
  • Reinforce hierarchy over collaboration
  • Retreat into a walled castle

How I ran my first 10K in 20 days!

December 18, 2011

Having completed my first 10K run at Bangalore Midnight Marathon 2011, I decided to write down the details of the journey– if I would need a motivational story for myself in future!

Initial Inspiration

It all started a few weeks ago. I was 39, 84 kgs and quizzed myself if I had diabetes whenever there was an itch in the feet! Recently, 3 friends with different backgrounds were little successful in losing a few pounds of their flesh. Though they were not completely happy (questions on being able to stay that way, food intake change during this period, paste applied all over the body etc.), my own attempts in the past were not successful – I called up an ayurvedic centre about a weight reduction program. They would charge 17K for a 3 week programme and would assure 5-6 kgs reduction.

A few days back, I had met with Selvaraj. He had recently shed some excess weight and looked trim and energetic. He follows Vethathiri Maharishi’s teaching and mentioned discipline on food and a bit of exercise is the trick.

I decided and promised Bhuvana to deposit this 17K on our kids by putting in disciplined set of activities! At about the same time, Bangalore midnight marathon event came as a important milestone.


  1. Registered for the 10K event on Sat, 20-Dec-2011. It Rahul Basu’s birthday as well, I called him to reveal my new goal – he is a prolific runner having completed a 50K run earlier. He was relieved to hear from me that the call was not about a production issue. He was an inspiration.
  2. Next day morning, I was at Chennai. Ran for about 22 minutes – an interval training of 6 minutes jog and 2 minutes walk. I would continue interval trainings subsequently increasing the pace over the due course.
  3. Logged my timings on my simple Nokia mobile’s stopwatch at usually the small BBMP park next to our apartment. It registered upto 17 entries. Lap time was not important, as I was running to “Finish” this time and hence used Split time.
  4. Daily schedule typically started between 0540 – 0600 in the morning after a few push-ups. There were days, I was short of motivation, but could overcome quickly.
  5. I was browsing Rujuta Diwekar’s book. Before leaving my house, I would eat 2 bananas / apple etc. with a couple of glasses of water. No coffee – my mother is still upset!
  6. Apart from the “Finish” goal, Health was paramount on my mind. I told Bhuvana that I will sprint in the last leg – added courage from the recent ICICI Prudential policy.
  7. Friends were great motivators. Rahul, Padm and Koti happily shared details from their experience, food, endurance etc. Shrihari’s kept sharing details on How, What to and what not, anecdotes, etc. almost every day. Thank you!
  8. I stayed focused. Though my initial goal was to complete the distance in 1 hr, I soon realized it would take little longer this time after 2 weeks and was looking for 1 hr 10m or so. I kept telling my kids and a few close relatives keeping my internal momentum going. They were encouraging.

Race Day

  • We had a Lunar eclipse at around the same time my event was to start. So I went to my uncle’s house, meditated during the eclipse period, showered and reached the arena at 0915 PM as he lives close to ITPL.
  • We had to do 4 rounds starting from KTPO towards Genisys, TCS L centre, go close to SAP and take a U-turn. I wanted to give a little bit of push in the final round.
  • My log: 16 min (2.5kms jog), 2 min walk, 7, 2, 13, 4, 12, 4, 1, 4 and 3 in 1 hr 08 min 49sec.
  • A young woman was running almost at the same pace. Though she finished a few seconds ahead of me, I could set my pace observing her. Appears my bib number 5463 was 98 / 198 timed participants.

Though I haven’t reduced any weight yet (?), my tummy has reduced a bit. I feel trimmer and more energetic. I have now registered for the Mangalore run on Jan-29 and Feb-12 Aureville run!