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Indian ERP Market

July 26, 2009

Financial Chronicle Sep 24 2008, says that SAP India has acquired 600 – 700 customers in the 1st HY 2008 of which majority are in the SME space. DataQuest estimates that SAP India revenues in 2007 were about Rs. 1260 crores. IDC estimates that SAP has 27% of the Indian SME market. SAP is partnering with firms like Viceocon this year so as implement SAP for their partners and suppliers.

LiveMint, dt March 17 2008, based on a Frost and Sullivan analysis reports that the India ERP India market is dominated by SAP at 48.3%, Oracle 24.9% and MS 12.2%. MS is expanding and has the potential to take the No. 2 slot in 3 – 5 yrs. Separately, SAP India 2007 performance report says it has 3024 customers in India (up from 1350 in 2006). Among Indian IT companies TCS and Wipro use SAP. Worldwide 46,100 customers run SAP – in a recent interview, ex Microsoft CIO said MS uses SAP and Siebel CRM internally.


Top IT Books

July 26, 2009

December 1, 2008: Bruce Webster lists 5 books to the IT department – The 5 books Every IT Manager Should Read right now” in Baseline mag. Phenomenal books for all managers in the IT industry.

  1. The Mythical Man Month by Fredrick Brooks, 1975
  2. Death March by Ed Yourdon
  3. Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on SW Projects by Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister
  4. Facts and Fallacies of SW Engg by Rober Glass
  5. Perfect SW and other Illusions about Testing by Gerald Weinberg

Books recommended by Steve McConnel in he original “Code Complete”

  1. “Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professionalism”, ACM/IEEE-CS
  2. Software Project Survival Guide, Steve McConnell
  3. Mastering the Requirements Process, Robertson and Robertson
  4. Mythical Man-Month, Fred Brooks
  5. Peopleware, DeMarco and Lister
  6. Rapid Development, Steve McConnell
  7. 201 Principles of Software Development, Alan Davis
  8. Manager’s Handbook for Software Development, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  9. Project Engineering Body of Knowledge, PMI
  10. Measures for Excellence, Lawrence H. Putnam and Ware Myers
  11. Principles of Software Engineering Management, Tom Gilb
  12. Software Runaways, Robert Glass
  13. Practical Software Metrics for Project Management, Grady Booch
  14. The Deadline, Tom DeMarco
  15. Software’s Chronic Crisis, Wayt Gibbs

Software Pioneers

July 26, 2009

Manfred Broy and Ernst Denert have discussed the following pioneers in their book titled “Software Pioneers – Contributions to SW Engg”. I haven’t read the book yet, in my book list…

  1. Friedrich L Bauer – From the stack principle to ALGOL
  2. Ole Johan Dahl – Roots of Object Orientation: The simula langauge
  3. Niklaus Wirth – Pascal
  4. Fredrick Brooks – IBM OS/360
  5. Alan Kay – GUI
  6. Rudolf Bayer – B-Trees and Database
  7. Peter Chen – ER Modeling
  8. Edsger W Dijkstra – Structured Programming
  9. CAR Hoare – Assertions
  10. David Parnas – Information Hiding
  11. John V Guttag – Abstract Data types
  12. Michael Jackson – JSP
  13. Tom DeMarco – Structured Analysis
  14. Michael Fagan – SW Inspections
  15. Barry Boehm – Software Economics
  16. Erich Gamma – Design Patterns

Seven Deadly Sins of Software Reviews

July 19, 2009

Karl E. Wiegers of Process Impact is well known for his books on managing Software Requirements. In this article, he mentions seven sins of Software Reviews.


  1. Participants Don’t Understand the Review Process.
  2. Reviewers Critique the Producer, Not the Product.
  3. Reviews Are Not Planned.
  4. Review Meetings Drift Into Problem-Solving.
  5. Reviewers Are Not Prepared. About 75% of defects are found during individual reviewer’s preparation, moderator shall start by collecting adequate time from reviewers.
  6. The Wrong People Participate. Review teams of 3 – 7 are most effective.
  7. Reviewers Focus on Style, Not Substance.